My Marana Mobile App

The Town of Marana is improving citizen accessibility with its innovative My Marana mobile application.

Through the application, users are able to report problems for the Town to address, including abandoned bicycles and vehicles, damaged signs, graffiti, illegal dumping and potholes. Issues can be reported through photos, video, audio or e-mail messages.

The application uses geo-tagging technology to automatically provide the problem’s location, simplifying the reporting process for users while increasing the reliability of the report location for the service crews.

Users also have the option to use My Marana to receive Town updates.

The application is free for Android and iPhone. 

Android app store     iPhone app store

Click here to download an instruction sheet on how to submit a report on the app.
Scan to download My Marana App

Scan the QR code above to download the application. You must have a QR code reader application on your phone to do so. Code readers can be found in your phone’s app store.