Building Safety

Town of Marana Building Safety Department is dedicated to building safety for the benefit and welfare of the Town's residents, business enterprises, and visitors. We strive to provide timely customer service while maintaining a high level of accuracy and attention to detail in the processing of permits, review of plans, and field inspection of permitted work.

In conformance with the International Building Code, Chapter 17, Section 1704: Special Inspections, the Town of Marana Building Safety Department has established an ongoing program to enable qualified special inspectors to perform required inspections within the following categories of work:
  • Steel Construction (including fabrication, welding, high-strength bolting, etc.)
  • Concrete Construction (including material testing, formwork, reinforcing, placement, etc.)
  • Masonry Construction (including material testing, installation, reinforcing, grouting, etc.)
  • Wood Construction
  • Soils (including material testing, fill placement, etc.)
  • Pile Foundations
  • Pier Foundations
  • Sprayed Fire-Resistant Materials
  • Mastic and Intumescent Fire-Resistant Coatings
  • Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)
  • Smoke Control Systems
  • Special Cases recognized by the Building Official including:
    • Post-Tensioned Slab/Foundation Systems
    • Post-Installed Anchors (epoxy bolts, expansion anchors, etc.)
    • Others as determined
These forms can be found by clicking on the Forms and Permit Applications icon.

The Northwest Fire Business Safety Checklist can be found here.

The Special Inspection Certificate can be found by clicking here.

2012 Adopted Building Codes can be found by clicking here.

The Design Criteria for the Town of Marana can be found by clicking here.

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