Code Enforcement

The primary function of the Code Enforcement Officers is to identify and correct violations of the Town of Marana’s Land Development Code or Town Code. These include dealing with weeds, litter, junk vehicles, graffiti, and illegal placement of signs, excessive noise or other similar nuisances.

Our staff concentrates on responding to citizen complaints and proactively searching for violations. Compliance is our goal, and, in the vast majority of cases, we are able to work cordially with violators to resolve issues.
Code Enforcement officers have the means for enforcement actions, and, if necessary, violators can be prosecuted or fined.
You may e-mail questions or comments to or call 520-382-2520.
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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. I think my neighbor has a violation on his property, but I don't want him to know I made a complaint. Do you have to give him my name if he asks?
A. In many cases, citizens are hesitant to report code violations due to the fear of possible retaliation from the violators. It is the Town's policy to allow them to remain anonymous if our officer is able to observe the violation without intruding on the property or privacy of the violator.

Q. What is your procedure after receiving a complaint?
An officer is sent to the location to determine if there is an actual violation. If a violation is found, the officer will issue a notice, informing the violator of the nature of the violation and requesting that the violation be promptly corrected. After a reasonable time (normally 14 days), the officer will re-inspect to determine if the violation has been corrected. If the notification process has been completed and the violation still exists, legal action will begin and can result in possible fines and prosecution.

Q. Four of the five homes on our short street keep their yards clean and free of weeds. The person in the fifth house has weeds and debris everywhere. Can Marana make him clean his yard?
A. The Town’s Litter Ordinance is designed to prevent properties from extreme neglect. The Code prohibits weeds in excess of 9 inches and requires the property owner to maintain the premises free of litter, including trash, abandoned automobiles, car parts, animal waste or other unsightly or unsanitary materials. If the violation is not corrected, the Town of Marana will contract to have the property cleaned up, and the costs may be placed as a lien against the property until paid.

Q. What are the types of complaints that you receive most often?
The most common complaints are related to:
  • Weeds
  • Junk vehicles
  • Lot maintenance
  • Signs illegally placed
  • Animals
  • Noise
  • Graffiti
Q. I want to have a garage sale. Where can I place my signs?
A. Garage sales are allowed for up to three consecutive days and no more then four times within a one year period. Signs shall be no larger than six square feet. They shall not be placed within the Town’s right-of-way, in the median, on traffic signs, or utility poles. Signs shall be no higher than three feet. All signs illegally placed will be removed by the Town's Zoning Officer and fines may be imposed.