Marana 2010 General Plan

The Marana Mayor and Council unanimously adopted the Marana 2010 General Plan on December 7, 2010 by Resolution No. 2010-120. An election to ratify the General Plan was held on May 17, 2011 and the amendment was approved by more than 80 percent of voters.

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Marana 2010 General Plan

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 The Marana 2010 General Plan Cover
 Table of Contents  

1.  Introduction
            1.1.A Location Map

2.  Strategic Vision and Overriding Principles

3.  Themes and Elements

4.  Plan Administration

5.  Introduction to Land Management Theme
     5.1 Land Use and Growth
            5.1.A Annexation Map
            5.1.B Planning Area Map
            5.1.C Existing Land Use Map
            5.1.D Land Use Map
            5.1.E Growth Areas Map
            5.1.F Land Ownership Map
6.  Built Environment Theme
     6.1 Transportation
            6.1.A Road Network Map
            6.1.B Bicycle Mobility Map
     6.2 Housing
     6.3 Public Facilities
            6.3.A  Public and Quasi Public Facilities Map
            6.3.B  School District Map
     6.4 Cost of Development

            6.4.A  Impact Fee Benefit Areas Map

7.  Introduction to People and Community Theme
     7.1 Public Safety            
            7.1.A Public Safety Map
     7.2 Parks and Recreation
            7.2.A Parks and Trails Map
     7.3 Economic Vitality
            7.3.A Economic Activity Centers Map
     7.4 Community Involvement

8.  Introduction to Resource Management Theme
     8.1 Open Space and Trails
     8.2 Cultural Resources
     8.3 Water Resources
            8.3.A Water Resources Map
     8.4 Energy

9.  Introduction to Natural Systems Theme
     9.1 Land, Air and Water
            9.1.A Natural Resources Map

10. Appendices
     10.1 Glossary
     10.2 Agency/Acronym Descriptions
     10.3 Marana Plans Descriptions
     10.4 Public Participation Plan
     10.5 Public Participation Resolution 2010-10
     10.6 Summary Specific Plan Table
     10.7 Marana Economic Activity Centers
     10.8 Implementation Action Format
     10.9 Ratification Resolution No, 2011-54